Text Warp, Stretch, and Squish


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Posted by SammyW (not verified) on 2017, July 23 - 09:52

What the first guy said!! This is just what I was looking for to make text look like it's on a page being curled or crinkled.

Posted by Garrett (not verified) on 2015, August 9 - 21:12

Just what i needed. Thank you very much

Posted by Timo (not verified) on 2014, March 27 - 21:26

Really nice style and superb written content, nothing else we want :D.

Posted by Hertha Garmoe (not verified) on 2012, December 18 - 23:07

Thank you! This was very helpful. :)

Posted by Guest (not verified) on 2012, March 19 - 15:07

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