Penguin Tutorials was started in 2010, with the goal of providing an easy learning experience with popular Free/Open Source Software. Using an open ended and nonlinear learning experience, you can quickly get up to speed with using the program of your choice. All tutorials are hand selected, and the best tutorials are constantly being searched for so they can be listed for our visitors.

The tutorials here attempt to help you do what you want with a program without requiring you to know everything about it. If you only want to do one thing with a program, then that's your choice. Pick your own learning direction. You can learn at your own pace, as much or as little as you choose.

Some tutorials may require that you at least know some basics before being able to perform more complicated tasks. Because of this, all tutorials are listed as categories: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced

New tutorials are added regularly. Visitor replies are welcome and encouraged.

-Penguin Tutorials


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